Racers and Advocates: Like Any Team, We’re Stronger Together

I wanted to take moment to thank those of you who reached out to renew your membership or join the BTA for the first time after reading Nick Legan’s editorial in VeloNews. And of course, thanks to Mr. Legan for starting the conversation and those of you who joined the discussion on the OBRA email list.

We are effective thanks to the support we receive from the racing community. We are grateful for the support of Kenji Sugahara, Susan Otcenas, and Adnan Kadir, who serve on the BTA’s board of directors, past board members like Mark Ginsberg, and business supporters like Scott Kocher. Your time and financial support keeps our wheels turning. Your voice in the conversation has made a real difference. We appreciate the support of every single OBRA member who is also a BTA member.

These individuals deserve recognition for strengthening the relationship between racers and advocates, for pushing the BTA to do a better job connecting with OBRA members and racers, and for championing the work we do as advocates that benefits all cyclists. Like any team, we’re stronger together.

Getting involved in advocacy doesn’t mean you have to give up training time to go collect signatures. You don’t need to worry about becoming mired in a cause. Your membership speaks for itself. When you join the BTA, your dollars support the work we continue to do to make the roads safer for everyone.

We advocate for dedicated funding for bike projects and world-class infrastructure, push for legislation that specifically protects people biking and walking, and we are in schools teaching the next generation of Oregon students to be safe, legal and confident riders.

Oregon is a great place to ride a bike. But there is a lot more work ahead to make it truly world-class. This is the work we at the Bicycle Transportation Alliance do as an organization every day, and of course we invite you to join us.





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