Get Greenstack, find member deals

Bicycle Transportation Alliance members now have an easy and convenient way to find and use their member discounts.

Greenstack is a new iPhone app (with Android support in the works) that lets you know about businesses near your current location with discounts for BTA members.

The app also tracks how much you’ve saved and lets you know if other groups you belong to (like AAA, AARP or League of American Bicyclists to name a few) offer discounts that can be “Stacked” to save you even more!

Greenstack is free to download from the iTunes store. Once you’ve downloaded the app simply add the Bicycle Transportation Alliance and any other memberships you have to your Stack. Then get out there and save some money!

Not a BTA member yet? Join today to enjoy all the benefits of membership!

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Comments (1)

  1. bill howell Permalink  | Jan 21, 2014 08:38am

    greenstack is NOT available in the iTunes store.