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Metro seeks input on Westside Trail

South end of the Westside Trail,
as proposed by Metro

Here’s an excerpt from our 2005 Blueprint for Better Biking:

2005 BTA Blueprint for Better Bicycling Item #24: Beaverton Powerline Trail
A powerline corridor owned by Portland General Electric and Bonneville Power Administration runs from the Tualatin River north to Forest Park. More than two miles of this 16-mile trail concept are complete.

What we called the “Beaverton Powerline Trail” back in 2005 is now known as “The Westside Trail.”

The trail would provide a car-free route from King City in Tigard all the way up across Highway 26 to Forest Park and the St. John’s bridge. Over the last few days Metro has held two Open Houses about the project but they’ll be accepting input from the public until November 9th.

The Bicycle Transportation Alliance is thrilled to see planning for this project moving forward.

Our feedback for Metro is as follows:

  • Create path standards that make the user experience safe and comfortable for all modes including provision for bicycle and pedestrian separation, particularly on hills.
  • Divert bicycle traffic to local streets when steep grades prevent a direct, paved route but improve those streets for bicycling, provide top-notch wayfinding, and, whenever possible, maintain mountain bike access to these steep, unpaved sections.
  • Plan bike/ped access to the Beaverton Creek MAX stop, as it will likely serve as a gateway to this trail for many users.
  • Audit the surrounding neighborhoods for potential access points. More neighborhood access points mean a more useful and vibrant trail.
  • Learn from other Multi-use paths in the Portland area and plan for a heavily-used popular path.

Please take a look at the annotated project map (PDF) and submit your comments to Metro.



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  1. Daryl Johnson Permalink  | Nov 03, 2012 05:14pm

    As a Beaverton Resident and bike commuter, this is some of the best news that I have seen all year. Love the idea!