Giving the gift of bicycling

You know riding a bike is always better when you ride with friends. That’s why we hope you’llĀ purchase an annual BTA Membership as a gift for someone else.

Recently we sent vouchers for gift memberships to our long-term members to thank them for their support and help them spread the joy of bicycling to their friends.

When Bob Huff, a dedicated BTA member since 1996, got his hands on a gift membership card he knew exactly who it should go to: his neighbor Heidi Suna who decided to participate in the Bike Commute Challenge for the first time this year.

Huff told me about Suna’s experience via email:

Heidi Suna and her bike.
Photo: Bob Huff

My wife, Julie Mills and I have been BTA members since 1996, soon after we moved from Chicago. We are extremely happy with the progress made to cycling in Portland.

Our neighbor, Heidi, told us how she was going to take on the Bike Commute Challenge and was fired up. Her commute would be to Beaverton. She figured out the best way and took to it. Her route would take her from North Portland to Goose Hollow where she would get on the train for a ride through the hill. She would get off at Sunset Transit Center and ride the rest of way to work. Heidi did this almost daily through September and into October.

I was really proud of Hiedi for her efforts and was happy to recieve a gift BTA membership card that I could give to her and show my appreciation of her.

When I gave her the card, she told me she was so inspired by riding, she bought a new bike with fenders and disc brakes in order to ride more comfortably on wet roads.

Ride on, Hiedi!

This holiday season you can give the gift of bicycling in two different ways.

First, when you make a donation to the BTA through the Give!Guide you help us keep up the work that makes the Portland-Metro area a great place to live for people like Bob, Julie, and Heidi.

Second, by buying a gift BTA Membership for the enthusiastic rider in your life you’ll be inspiring them to get involved too.

Thanks, and Happy Holidays!


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