Interview with Tim, Portland Principal

Tim Lauer is the Principal at Lewis Elementary and has been such a wonderful supporter of his students learning bike and pedestrian safety. Thanks, Tim, for all of your great energy! -LAF

1. How did you end up as the principal for Lewis Elementary?

I have previously worked as a classroom teacher and a Teacher on Special Assignment. I started work on my administrative certificate in 2000 and was fortunate to interview for the Lewis position in 2003 and was selected to be principal.

2. Tell me about a walking or biking memory from childhood.

I recall learning to ride in the alley behind my home. My mom would push me down the alley to get me started as I moved from training wheels to riding on my own. I recall the first time I went around the block by myself. There was a sense of freedom and independence that I still recall today.

3. What did you like the most about the BTA’s bike education program?

I like the work of your staff with our students. Very respectful and very supportive. Also the volunteers that come our for our rides add a sense of community to the program.

4.  What did you like the most about the BTA’s pedestrian education program?

I believe the pedestrian education program helps to reinforce with children and their parents that walking is great exercise and also a great way to discover and learn about the neighborhood. Walking with your child provides opportunities for discussion and interaction that is different from sitting in a vehicle.

5. If you could improve one thing about these programs what would it be?

I would like to see additional follow up bike workshops and classes. In the past we were able to fund after school bike repair classes and organized rides. These would be great additions to an already outstanding program.

6. What do you love the most about Lewis Elementary?

I love the feeling of community that has been developed. We have outstanding parent and community support and I believe this goes a long way to help foster this same sense of community in our students. I also love that I live close enough to my school so that I can bike commute on most days. A great way to start my day and a great way to unwind after a busy day at school.


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