Speak Up for a Safer Division Street

The neighborhood associations southeast of Mt. Tabor have been working with the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) to make SE Divison Street a safer place for all users — something they’ve been calling for since the 1970s.

Far from just a “bike project” this change is designed to make Division safer for everyone.

SE Division on Google StreetView

The street has proven to have disproportionately-high crash rates and as a solution the city has proposed a reorganization which would convert the 4-lane road to a three-lane road with a center turn lane and bike lanes from SE 60th all the way to SE 80th.

The Bicycle Transportation Alliance is very pleased to see this neighborhood’s concerns finally addressed and we applaud PBOT for their design. In fact, we like their design so much that we encourage the city to extend the bike lanes west to SE 52nd Ave, where the new 50s Bikeway will soon cross.

The extra eight blocks of roadway improvements would provide safe access to Atkinson Elementary School, Franklin High School, and Clinton Park but would require removal of some on-street car parking.

It is our strongly-held opinion that the City of Portland should provide safe access to its schools and parks before it provides free space for private vehicle storage in the public right of way.

Please join us in supporting the proposed SE Division Street Lane Reorganization and encouraging PBOT to continue bike lanes to SE 52nd Ave at one of the following input opportunities:

  • Mount Tabor Neighborhood Association meetings: Wednesday, Feb 20 and Mar 20, 7pm, Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church, SE 54th and Belmont (entrance off 54th)
  • South Tabor Neighborhood Association meetings: Thursday, Feb 21 and Mar 21, 7pm, Trinity Fellowship, 2700 SE 67th (rear entrance)

Please reach out to Division Street homeowners, Atkinson and Franklin parents, and anyone else who could help support this important project. The safety and health of our neighborhoods depends on you!

More information about the changes due for SE Division can be found on the project website and in an article by the Southeast Examiner.

If you cannot attend and would like to submit comments, please direct them via email to Clay Veka at PBOT.


Comments (6)

  1. Rithy Khut Permalink  | Feb 19, 2013 01:04pm

    Do you happen to have a contact person, if I am unable to make the meetings. I would love to send an e-mail about supporting bike access on Division St.

    • Will Vanlue Permalink  | Feb 19, 2013 01:22pm

      Thanks Rithy. The article has been updated to include a contact for the project.

  2. Paula F. Permalink  | Feb 19, 2013 02:44pm

    I live there and applaud the 80th to 60th changes. That will make it so much easier than climbing up Mt. Tabor just to go from east to west or back again.

    I would, minimally, like to see no parking on the stretch between 60th and 50th. Running bike lanes is tricky as there is a crosswalk bump out for the elementary school, so unless the plan also calls for removing the bump outs, bike lanes would be ending at the bump out and starting again after.

    When they build this I hope they include large bike signs near 60th. I see an increase in potential right-hooks, since the dedicated right turn lane is going away and when I biked there, I would always move into the through traffic lane.

  3. Clay Veka Permalink  | Feb 20, 2013 09:48am

    Please note: Feb 20 and Mar 20 meetings are the monthly Mount Tabor Neighborhood Association meetings, not PBOT open houses.

  4. Benjamin Gerritz Permalink  | Feb 20, 2013 09:55am

    Division has become a hot spot in SE. What unfortunately hasn’t followed suit has been the necessary changes to Divisions infrastructure. Making Division more multi-use friendly not only makes sense from a safety point of view, it also would be good for livability and the businesses along the street. A small investment which could yield a huge impact. I’ve biked Division many times and everytime i do, I’m terrified that I’ll be the next one whose hit. Had some close calls along this street but i hope our city considers funding revamping the street to better meet the needs of residents.

  5. Josh Berezin Permalink  | Mar 20, 2013 01:08pm

    Thanks, Carl! I can’t attend, but I sent a message to Clay Veka. My comments below.

    Hi — I can’t make it to the events regarding Division St, but I’m excited for the new design. I hope it inspires lower Hawthorne to consider a similar design in the future, too. These are neighborhoods that I would personally visit more often if the streets were more welcoming.

    The one thing I would note is that, for connectivity’s sake, it would be great if it reached the North/South 50′s bikeway. A connection there could make both facilities more useful.

    I understand that this change would require some removal of on-street parking. I know it’s always hard to have something taken away that you’re used to, but I would hope that free on-street parking is a lower priority for the city than safety and accessibility for all modes.

    Thanks for your work on this!

    Josh Berezin