Active Transportation Summit Lobby Day Agenda

On Thursday, April 25th at 8:00am in the Salem Conference Center, the Bicycle Transportation Alliance will be leading the Oregon Active Transportation Summit lobby day.

For a full briefing, download the Lobby Day Handout. Our legislative agenda is focused on safety and includes the following bills:

Traffic Safety Cameras in School Zones – HB 3438

  • Permits any city to operate photo radar in a school zone while school is in session.
  • No longer necessary for a uniformed officer to operate the radar equipment.
  • Requires a uniformed officer review the video recordings and approve any citations issued for speeding in a school zone.

HB 3438 passed unanimously out of House Transportation and Economic Development Committee on April 15th, now scheduled for Third Reading on the House Floor. Please encourage legislators to vote yes on this important safety improvement.

Safe Neighborhood Streets Act – HB 3320

  • Reduces the default speed limit on all neighborhood streets from 25 to 20mph.
  • A pedestrian has a 95% chance of surviving a crash when the vehicle is traveling at or below 20 MPH. That number jumps to only 65% at 30MPH.
  • Improves safety for all users of the road, children getting to school, pedestrians crossing the street, and people riding bikes in every neighborhood.

HB 3320 has fallen off the legislative calendar for 2013. Now is the time to promote the merits of this approach with all legislators and ask members of the House Transportation and Economic Development Committee to hold an informational hearing to discuss the idea for re-introduction in 2014.

Preventing Distracted Driving – SB 9

  • Senate Bill 9 increases the penalty in Oregon for driving and sending a text message at the same time.
  • Currently this offense is a Class D traffic violation. Under SB 9, if a person texts without using a hands-free accessory, it is a Class B traffic violation, increasing the fine and penalty.
  • This bill also directs the Department of Transportation to install highway signs regarding this new increased penalty to help educate drivers.

SB 9 passed unanimously out of Senate Judiciary Committee and has been referred the Ways and Means Subcommittee on Transportation and Economic Development. Now is the time to ask members of that committee to hold a work session and pass SB 9.

Please help us find new sources of dedicated funding for biking, walking, and transit.

  • When Oregonians choose active transportation, they reduce maintenance costs for roads and save the state money.
  • ODOT Flex Fund program, which funded multimodal projects and was oversubscribed $68 million (324%), has ended.
  • In 2013, Oregon’s Transportation Enhancements and Bicycle and Pedestrian Program was oversubscribed by $39.6 million (460%).

Additional funding for walking, biking and transit could begin to address these needs, supporting healthy affordable transportation options that bolster our economy, by reducing costs and improving access to jobs. Please talk with legislators about the broad support for dedicated funding and their ideas for making a commitment in 2013.


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