Sign up for Walk+Bike Challenge: Help us meet our goal!

Dearest Oregon,

We need your help encouraging students to walk and ride to school.  Each year we reach about 30,000 students through the Walk+Bike Challenge program, but there are 510,000 students that we are not reaching.

How can you help? Just tell one parent or school staff that you know to sign up for the Walk+Bike Challenge.  It is a friendly competition between schools to encourage walking and bicycling.  By signing up, the school will receive stickers, temporary tattoos, prize ribbons, and a guide to organizing the Challenge.

Our goal is to have 150 schools participating in the Challenge. Right now we have 110 signed up.

The deadline is May 1st. Will you help us get to 150 schools before then?

Thank you for your help!

The Bicycle Transportation Alliance


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