Eugene Students Propose Bike-Friendly 13th Avenue


Plans are afoot for a redesign of 13th Avenue, the main arterial route from downtown Eugene to the University of Oregon campus.

Spearheading the project is LiveMove, a UO student group with hopes of making the corridor a “safer, connected, vibrant street set to foster meaningful social interactions and ignite economic growth.”

Thirteenth Avenue currently has a designated bike lane, but it’s restricted to eastbound traffic. The LiveMove proposal seeks to add a westbound bike lane that would allow two-way bicycle traffic without compromising the existing car lane.

The group presented the project at an open house held Tuesday, June 4 where it garnered considerable approval from local business owners and city officials.

Graduate student and LiveMove member Allie Camp attributes their success so far to the project’s “bottom-up” origins.

“This is a student-initiated, student-led effort,” Allie said. “We’ve collected parking data, researched policy and case studies, and applied innovative, new ideas… with the hopes of initiating citywide change.”

LiveMove expects to present its proposal to the Eugene Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee within the coming weeks.

Thanks to a combination of talent, enterprise, and luck, LiveMove is now just waiting for the city to “give [us] the A-OK,” Allie added.

For more information about LiveMove and the 13th Avenue project, click here.


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