Narrowing Down 250+ Events: Our Pedalpalooza Picks

PrintStarting as “Bike Summer” in 2002, Pedalpalooza has grown to be the nation’s largest festival of free, volunteer-organized bike fun. This year’s 250+ events start with a huge kickoff parade and party today (June 6th) and run until the Multnomah County Bike Fair, Pedalpalooza’s grand finale, on June 29th.

The Bicycle Transportation Alliance is helping with a number of rides, and our staff has their eye on some favorites too. You can check out all of those rides – including the staff favorites – below, and the full 2013 Pedalpalooza calendar is up on Shift.


Ride with the Bicycle Transportation Alliance

6/7 – Bike Safety Scavenger Hunt   Nicole and Erika have organized an educational, off-street scavenger hunt for kids.
6/11 – Milwaukie 2025  Carl is joining forces with Bike Milwaukie to explore what the future of Milwaukie’s transportation network holds.
6/12 – MAX to Market Ride   Stop by the farmers Market and have a picnic with Susan in Forest Grove.
6/19 – BTA Legal Clinic   Learn the actual rules of the road from Swanson, Thomas, Coon, and Newton — people who know them.
6/20 – Bud Clark’s Expose Yourself to Art Ride   Bud Clark leads us on a public art tour followed by a poster unveiling at his bar.
6/25 – You Need a Better Barbur   Carl and Friends of Barbur think that, for safety reasons, SW Barbur Blvd. needs a little trim. You can help.

Staff & Board Picks

LeeAnne Ferguson, Education Programs Manager (and her partner Jon-Paul)
6/12 – Tour de Franzia   It is an annual tradition. But I can’t share any stories on the internet.
6/20 - Bud Clark’s Expose Yourself to Art Ride   Public Art + Mayor Bud Clark + Beer at Goose Hollow = the best ride ever.
6/27 – Big and Beautiful: Heritage Tree Ride   We met in a forest and look for any chance enjoy the beauty and serenity of a big old tree. We have never been on the heritage tree ride before but decided that we would go on it this year. You should come!  I’ll be the one hugging all the trees to see how far I can get my arms around them. (LeeAnne has extremely long arms. –eds)

Nicole Davenport, Administrative Assistant
6/18 - Wig Ride   I’m leading this ride with BTA intern Erika. Everyone loves a wig and witty acronyms, so I’m stoked to throw on my fro, listen to some big hair tunes and then cruise on down to Widmer for some brews!
6/22 – Bowie vs. Prince Ride    Can’t decide yet which 80s pop icon I’ll dress up as but I always love a good 80s idol battle.
6/21 - Sexy Hippie Zombie Nightlight Ride   Zombies + bikes, enough said.

Erika Almskaar, Development Intern
6/15 – Presidential Fitness Challenge   In 4th grade, I beat everybody at the flexed-arm hang until my 30 seconds were trumped by Amy Huisinger’s 60. With spite to motivate and a six-pack that I’ve been working on since January, my 24 year old fitness should blow a 9 year old Amy out of the water!
6/16 – Get Lost!   What if the dice dictate three right turns?
6/16 – No Hands Olympics   I’ve also wanted to do a no-hands bike tour… Training ride!

Will Vanlue, Communications Manager
6/8 – Hott Sock 2013   I went on this one last year and it was a blast – relay races, free food, discounts on socks of all kinds. It sounds like this year is going to be as much, if not more, fun as last year.
6/9 - LaB 2 Lab Cargo Ride   Portland is known for being home to a lot of cargo bikes and this is going to be a great chance to see some of the unique ones. Playing off the name of prolific cargo bike builder Tom LaBonty, the ride is from one Lucky LaB to another and will be a fun time for custom cargo bike owners and enthusiasts to meet up and show of their rides.
9/15 – Star Wars vs. Star Trek   As long as I can remember I’ve been a Star Trek fan and this is the ride where I can let my Trekkie flag fly. Fans of Trek and Wars are said to have animosity for each other, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by how much fun everyone has on this ride.

Susan Otcenas, Board Member
6/9 – Helvetia & Urban Growth Boundary Ride Helvetia is like the land that time forgot, right in my back yard!  Quiet country roads, scenic farmsteads and lovely rolling hills.  Come for a ride and see why the Urban Growth Boundary is so important to preserving these beautiful spaces and places!
6/10 - Bike Touring for Women Workshop Some of my most life-changing experiences happened during self-supported solo bike tours.   I learned to trust my instincts, treasure my strong body, and triumph over adversity.   These life lessons have served me well on bike and off.
6/15 - Cuppycakes and Tutus Eat to ride, or ride to eat?   Why choose, really.  I prefer to do both with gusto.  Who needs power bars and science diets when there are so many lovely cupcake shops to visit?

Casey Gould, Communications Intern
6/7 – Portlandia Ride If for only one reason, the Women & Women First bookstore.
6/8 – Never Nude Ride — Dr. Tobias Fünke. Nuff said.
6/21 - Larch Mountain Challenge   For the incredible views of the Columbia River Gorge.

Carl Larson, Advocate
6/8 - Embacher on Cyclepedia   Meet the Austrian bike collector whose historic bicycles are on display at the Portland Art Museum.
6/22 - Things Portland Didn’t Build  A well-researched tour of unrealized plans by the person who used to have my job: Michelle Poyourow.
6/20-23 –  “Bike Odyssey”   For their fifth year, The Working Theater Collective presents an elaborate play-on-wheels. Don’t be late!

Steph Noll, Deputy Director
6/6 – Kickoff Parade I’ve always loved the kick-off parade. My contribution to the 2006 Pedalpalooza was to lead it. This year I plan to take the kiddos on what they call the “big bike” and just peel off whenever we decide it’s dinner time.
6/9 – Baby Animal Ride A Sunday afternoon biking around with good peeps seeing chickies and duckies and baby goats? Heck yeah.
6/25 – Tree Huggers Ride This is my housemate’s first foray into Pedalpalooza ride planning, and she and her co-leader are rad, and Portland parks have rad trees, so the ride will probably be rad too.



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