One Chance to Win

Update: Connect Oregon has moved to the Senate. See the latest update on the bill.

Throughout the 2013 Oregon Legislature, the Bicycle Transportation Alliance has been focused on safety. We have been successful in advancing some of our priorities and defeating most of our major threats. Today we are focused on one final bill, Connect Oregon – HB 2310.

The BTA has written action alerts and testified about our proposal to expand the Connect Oregon program and make sure it includes bicycle and pedestrian projects. With limited funding for making our streets safe, Connect Oregon is the only current opportunity to expand funding for bicycle and pedestrian projects at the state level. This has been a long and hard campaign and today it comes down to the wire.

Bicycle and pedestrian funding in Connect Oregon – HB 2310 is about to receive final legislative action and we need your help. In the closing days of the legislature we only have this one opportunity to make our voice heard about the importance of funding safe streets and now is the time to act.

Please look up your State Senator and State Representative and send them an email including the following messages:

Please include bicycle and pedestrian projects in Connect Oregon – HB 2310. This effort represents the next step in a long history of Oregon’s commitment to funding non-­roadway transportation projects for the benefit of our economy. The traditional Connect Oregon program is focused on moving people and freight through aviation, marine, port, rail, and transit projects. Today we have an opportunity to include the economic benefits of expanding this program to include bicycle and pedestrian projects. I encourage you to support this important bill.

  • Research shows that the construction of bicycle projects generates more jobs per million dollars than strictly highway projects. When we build trails and bike lanes we put more people to work!
  • The economic benefit of this approach extends beyond the increased construction jobs to include cost savings for people getting around.
  • From a dollars and cents perspective we can create more jobs and put more money in people’s pockets with comparatively small investment in safe bike facilities and trails.

Over the last five years, Oregon has been discussing the best approach to dedicating funding to our complete transportation system. Last summer, Governor Kitzhaber’s Non Roadway Transportation Users Working Group recommended stable and sufficient funding for non-roadway projects and HB 2310 is the result of that work. Please support bicycle and pedestrian safety and economic growth and vote in support of including them HB 2310.


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