Bike Commute Challenge Photo of the Day: Capital Pacific Bank

BTA Cake

We’ve written previously about the variety of initiatives independently taken by workplaces and offices to encourage their employees to participate in the Bike Commute Challenge. NW Natural printed t-shirts for participating riders, Kittelson & Associates hosted breakfast¬†for bike commuters, and New Relic offered a prize drawing for a television amongst their 42 riders.

Yet out of all the promotions we’ve come across this year, Capital Pacific Bank‘s initiatives to get their coworkers to #bikemore might take the cake (no pun intended). ¬†Capital Pacific, located in Southwest Portland, hosted the Bicycle Transportation Alliance last month for one of our Bike Commute Workshops and encouraged employees to attend by baking the world’s first bicycle to be composed of at least 80% sugar. Consisting of brownies, licorice, Rice Krispie treats, sprinkles and good ol’ fashion chocolate chip cookies, this sugary snack certainly provided the bank’s employees with an extra spark of energy to bike back up the hills during their evening commute. Capital Pacific’s Bike Commute Challenge team has achieved some great success this year; five riders have logged Bike Commute rates over 50%, and the team is featuring four participants who just picked up bike commuting this fall.

BTA Group

Thanks for hosting us, Capital Pacific Bank, and thanks for being a BTA Business Member! Best of luck with the rest of the Bike Commute Challenge, and we here at the BTA hope you invite us over next time you make another two-foot-wide bicycle comprised entirely of sugar.


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  1. Dan Permalink  | Sep 19, 2013 12:16pm

    Past the halfway point it’s a good race this year (notwithstanding Jeff out of sight and long gone). Michael has a couple of other guys riding _every single day_ like he does. Kyle seems determined to do whatever it takes for 2nd. Aaron is being coy as ever with his trip log, but riding a lot and expected to figure. Me and Dave have been kind of neck-and-neck until he pulled away a bit this week. And there are a *bunch* of guys riding their tails off.

    I may have to crash the party this year :-)

    A *bit* chilly this morning (full finger gloves). Rain tomorrow for sure.