Portland Rides In Style: No Special Clothing Needed

Guest blogger, Tanja Olson of Tanja Olson Images, has brought us some photos from the street. Once a month Tanja will be sharing her street scenes of Portland bike riding style.

Contrary to popular belief, no special clothing is needed to commute to work by bike!

I love the red shoes and scarf. Just add gloves and a helmet and you are set to ride.

A woman rides her bike to work in red shoes.

Cargo shorts, Sambas and a sweatshirt. Could this be more Portland?

A man rides his bike to work in cargo shorts.

Plaid shirt and black lace-up shoes. Nothing special here.

A man in a plaid shirt and jeans rides a bike to work.

Beautiful flowing pink skirt and snazzy red helmet. I love the tennies.

Woman rides a bike in style in a pink skirt.

Another plaid shirt. What can I say?

A man in a plaid shirt and jeans rides his bike to work.


Comments (3)

  1. Aaron Permalink  | Sep 06, 2013 01:48pm

    Just got back from the Netherlands…I can count the number of lycra wearing roadies I saw among the thousands of bike riders there on one hand. People just wear what ever they are wearing that day, ride upright and comfortable “Dutch Style” bikes, and almost no helmets. Bikes have the right of way everywhere and any accident between a car and cyclist is ALWAYS the drivers fault. Cars just yield period…no horns, no yelling, no middle fingers.

    One can Dream…or move to the Netherlands!

  2. Tanja Olson Permalink  | Sep 06, 2013 04:58pm

    How refreshing! Thanks for relaying your dreamy experience in the Netherlands, Aaron. I hope to experience that myself someday!

  3. Dan O Permalink  | Sep 08, 2013 05:52pm

    “popular belief”?

    Why do 100% of photos intended to illustrate “no special clothing needed” all depict people wearing crash helmets?

    And they’re all wearing shoes. Anybody else know the feeling of grass between your toes at the bottom of every pedal stroke?

    I commute in special bike clothes, and don’t appreciate judgmental labels like “lycra wearing roadie”. For one thing, I don’t just ride on the road. For another, *you* try riding ~hard 3 or 4 hours a day in street clothes and see how it feels! Bike specific clothing has profoundly improved the experience for me.

    But yeah, enjoyable pics. (If you’d gotten that pink skirt just a bit further down the road the flowers in the background might have looked a little like glitter coming off the back and contributed to the motion :-)