Alice 2014 Nominations Open

The Bicycle Transportation Alliance is happy to announce that we are now taking nominations for the 2014 Alice Awards. Nominations will be accepted from now until March 7, 2014.

Nominations: Anyone can be nominated for an Alice, by anyone. This means that the field of nominees is very broad, from the small-time local activist or kindly neighbor to the elected official. Nominations can be submitted online.

The crowd at Alice in 2012.

The crowd at Alice in 2012.

Deliberations: The 2014 awards will be determined by an Awards Committee consisting of current and former BTA Board members, past Awards recipients, and representatives of bicycle-related industries in Portland. All nominees will be given equal consideration by the Committee. Neither multiple nominations nor the identity of the nominator will affect the likelihood of a nominee being selected for an award.

The work of each nominee will be evaluated by the awards committee, taking into account answers to the following key considerations:

  • Is the nominee’s work occurring in the present?
  • How many people benefit from their work?
  • How strong is the effect of their work?
  • Does their work have “heart”? Is it inspiring?

This year’s program will highlight nominees who Invest in the Movement: for better bicycling, for healthier communities, for economic development, and to make Oregon a better place to live and ride. Below are just a few examples of that type of investment, meant to inspire nominations. The examples are not requirements for nominees or the awards.

Investing in Encouragement: Individuals or companies that have stepped up and put their resources and skills into getting more people on bicycles.

Investing in the Outdoors: Much is going on in the Portland-Metro area’s the outdoor industry, from people making great products and apparel, to people and companies creating new venues for experiences in our region.

BTA Board Member Justin Yuen at a previous Alice Awards.

BTA Board Member Justin Yuen at a previous Alice Awards.

Investing in People: Many people and organizations understand the inherent value of bicycling for transportation. They are champions for growing business by catering to employees, customers, and neighbors who want to get around on a bike.

Investing in New Ideas: Good ideas don’t turn into action all on their own. Action for change starts somewhere, with someone.

Investing in Tourism: Bicycle tourism is injecting large amounts of capital into our local businesses. Many individuals and companies are taking this to new levels, building an even stronger Oregon economy.

Investing in a Place: Results don’t always come from a single person, or a solitary organization. Entire business districts and neighborhood associations have grown around the knowledge that practical, affordable transportation can strength a district or neighborhood.

There are two special awards that may be awarded at the discretion of the Committee:

7156017200_362bcaf35cEmerging Leader Award: Given to highlight the contributions young people can make to the movement and to inspire others.

Bud Clark Lifetime Achievement Award: Given to highlight sustained, long-term commitment to their work.

So what are you waiting for?
Nominate someone who inspires you today!

Ineligibility: Former winners of Alice Awards are usually not eligible to win again. However, a person who won, by name, while working at an organization does not disqualify that organization from winning in the future, and vice versa. Elected officials who are running for office in the same calendar year as the Awards are not eligible to receive an award that year. Current BTA employees and board members are not eligible.

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Comments (2)

  1. Shane Permalink  | Feb 05, 2014 10:19am

    Do you have a link to previous winners somewhere… couldn’t find it.

  2. Rob Sadowsky Permalink  | Feb 06, 2014 08:31am

    We haven’t posted the previous winners in a while, and our database is in transition, so it might take some time. Our suggestion is to go ahead and nominate and let us do the research.