Bikes Build Community in Souplandistan

What do a pedicab full of party-going bachelorettes and pizza-flavored soup have in common?

Jed Lazar.

Photos courtesy of SoupCycle's Jed Lazar

Photos courtesy of SoupCycle’s Jed Lazar

Portland’s soup-by-bike company, SoupCycle, was inspired by many things: Owner Jed Lazar’s belief in the amazingness of soup, his love of bicycling, and the late night realization, while riding a pedicab filled with an inebriated 8-person bachelorette party, that a bicycle can carry a lot of weight.

When asked specifically why soup and bicycles, Jed’s answer is two-fold.

Why soup? He believes that soup is the perfect food: it’s easily transportable, there are thousands of different types from hundreds of different cultures offering a huge range and variety, it has a long shelf-life, and it can be thrown in the freezer, where it can last even longer. And let us not forget: it’s tasty.

Why bicycles? In addition to the sheer joy of bicycling, coupled with the health benefits, Jed also believes in the power of a bicycle to run a business. For Jed, doing business by bike takes us out of our cars and make us part of a community. People are able to flag down Jed or his soupcycling employees to ask what SoupCycle is. When he rides by a school, groups of children will occasionally start chanting, “SoupCycle! SoupCycle!”

Soup Cycle employees and founder in the Soup Cycle kitchenEach week, SoupCycle delivers over 850 containers of soup, just shy of 200 gallons in total. Over SoupCycles’ life span, they have cooked and delivered 100,000 servings of organic soup. Whether you prefer meaty, veggie, or vegan varieties, SoupCycle has a soup for you.

Soups change week by week, with some soups recurring staples and others retired to make way for newer, tastier, more amazing soups. Perhaps Barack-a-li Cheddar is your jam? Or Thai-GRR? Next week you might be enjoying Fungus Amongus or Pizza Soup, all delivered by bike!

Check out SoupCycle’s website to learn more about becoming a Soupetarian and to order up your very own Soupscription. Before you know it, Thailandistan (or another delicious flavor) will be showing up at your home or office once a week. Not only will you be enjoying tasty soup, you will be supporting a business that believes in giving back, by bike.

SoupCycle, for Jed, is about contribution. It is about creating the world we want to live in. And who doesn’t want to live in a soup-filled, bicycling-friendly world?

Sign up for SoupCycle using coupon code BTA2014 and get 50% off your first soupy order!


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