Member Profile: Loran Lamb-Mullin

Ever taken the long way, just to check out the view, while you’re riding around town? If so, you’re in good company, because our member of the month, Loran Lamb-Mullin, says those unplanned detours are one of his favorite things about riding a bike.

Photo by Nicole Davenport

Photo by Nicole Davenport

Loran is a retired Intel employee who’s been a long time supporter of the BTA. He and his wife Cathy became members in 1998, after Cathy was struck by someone driving a car while she was riding to work. Cathy survived but broke her leg in the collision. For both Loran and Cathy, the incident cemented the importance of investing in safe streets.

At the time they were living in Washington County and saw a bounty of opportunity to improve the streets there to better accommodate everyone trying to get around. A decade and a half later, Loran and Cathy are still proud members of the BTA.

Over the past 16 years Loran has volunteered in many capacities with the BTA: He’s stuffed envelopes, volunteered with our education programs, helped wrench on our bike fleets, volunteered at Alice, and he’s helped out with more than one office move! Loran has also been a huge past year to the development team in the past year, committing a few hours each week to keep our database in order.

Just a few of the bikes Loran has helped keep in working order.

A few of the bikes Loran has helped keep in working order.

Like most of us, Loran’s love of bicycling reaches far beyond advocacy and volunteering. Loran enjoys both riding around the city and doing longer tours, like Cycle Oregon. His favorite facets of bicycling include the exercise it provides, getting outside nearly everyday of the year, and the social aspect of riding.

“I just interact more with people when I’m on my bike, than in a car or even on public transit.”

Loran recalled a time of seeing someone stopped in the middle of the road looking up at a tree. He stopped to see what they were looking at, and together they marveled at a hawk eating a freshly caught meal in the branches above. “It’s moments like that you just don’t get in a car,” he says.

Loran rides recreationally and has travelled with his bike all across the state. His favorite place to ride in Oregon?

“Crater Lake,” he says, “I mean it’s just the best.”

We want to give our sincere thanks to Loran and Cathy, for all their support over the years and for the passion they bring in every capacity they serve the community.

If you like getting around by bike, like Loran and Cathy, join the BTA today as a sustaining member, or give an annual donation to become a member for the whole year.

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