Our Work

The BTA is at work across Oregon, in classrooms, on the streets, and advocating for a safe, accessible mix of transportation in our state.

Walk+Bike Education


The Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA) Walk+Bike Education programs are the best bicycle and walking safety programs in the country. We offer several program models designed to bring education services to your students, to train your teachers, and to encourage students and families to walk and bike to school. We will work with you to customize a program model that works for your school or district.

One parent at Sacramento recalled how her daughter came home after bike safety class and taught the whole family to use hand signals and had them all out on bikes the following weekend. She explained, “Now I feel comfortable allowing her and myself, really, to ride for fun and transportation.

Our Programs
Student Education Programs
-Bicycle Education Instruction
-Pedestrian Education Instruction

Training for Teachers
-Walk+Bike Jump Start Program
-Bicycle Education Training for Teachers
-Pedestrian Education Training for Teachers
-Bicycle Fleet Rentals
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Walk+Bike Events

The Bicycle Transportation Alliance coordinates two encouragement events each year, International Walk+Bike Day in October and Walk+Bike Challenge Month in May. You can find more information... See Project

Walk+Bike Network

We believe every kid deserves to walk and bike to school (and other places) safely! The Oregon Walk+Bike to School Network conducts a monthly information and... See Project