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The BTA is at work across Oregon, in classrooms, on the streets, and advocating for a safe, accessible mix of transportation in our state.

Building Our Future: A Blueprint for World-Class Bicycling

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Our vision for the Portland-Metro region is one where people of any age and any comfort level can use a bicycle to meet their daily transportation needs. In thousands of conversations with BTA members, community residents, and stakeholders across the entire metropolitan region, we collected hundreds of ideas for new and improved bicycle facilities.

Building on the momentum of the 2005 Blueprint for Better Bicycling, the 2013 Blueprint for World-Class Bicycling identifies sixteen projects in four key areas for action which represent the start of a comprehensive approach to developing initial phases of a bicycle transportation network in areas of our region that need it. We envision raising our existing network to the next level to ensure that riders of all abilities, regardless of destination, have access to a safe place to ride.

Make Big Streets Safe
We want our large, arterial streets to have safe space for all types of traffic, both motorized and non-motorized.

Let’s Fix It
We want our aging infrastructure replaced with the safest options for our children, parents, co-workers, neighbors, and friends.

Create Neighborhood Greenways
We want to see 50% of our urban population living less than a half-mile from a low-traffic, low-stress neighborhood greenway.

Build Inspiring Trails
We want accessible, inspiring trails connecting our town centers.

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Walk+Bike Education

The Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA) Walk+Bike Education programs are the best bicycle and walking safety programs in the country. We offer several program models designed to... See Project

Walk+Bike Events

The Bicycle Transportation Alliance coordinates two encouragement events each year, International Walk+Bike Day in October and Walk+Bike Challenge Month in May. You can find more information... See Project

Walk+Bike Network

We believe every kid deserves to walk and bike to school (and other places) safely! The Oregon Walk+Bike to School Network conducts a monthly information and... See Project

Host a Bike Commute Workshop at Your Workplace

The Bicycle Transportation Alliance will come to your workplace or community group to teach a one-hour workshop covering laws, skills, basic gear, and basic maintenance. This... See Project
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Have an Impact: Join a Bicycle Advisory Committee

Bicycle Advisory Committees (BACs) are committees created by municipalities to advise either the mayor, staff or council on the state of bicycling in the community. The... See Project
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Bicycle and Transportation System Plans Decoded

Does your community’s Transportation System Plan (TSP) include policies, projects, and plans for a world-class bike... See Project

Bike Share is Coming to Portland!

In the summer of 2011, Portland City Council voted to make bike sharing a part of the transportation system in downtown... See Project
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Portland NE/SE 50s Bikeway

The NE/SE 50s Bikeway, first identified in the City of Portland’s 1996 Bicycle Master Plan and officially adopted in the city’s 2030 plan, is 4.5 mile north-south bike... See Project
Bike Commute Challenge team ride

Business Members Create Bike-Friendly Workplaces

Businesses and “super advocates” like the biking champions at Northwest Evaluation Association keep pushing the bar to encourage more bike commuting and better serve customers and... See Project