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The BTA is at work across Oregon, in classrooms, on the streets, and advocating for a safe, accessible mix of transportation in our state.

Walk+Bike Education Programs

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The Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA) Walk + Bike Youth Education program is one of the best programs in the country. We offer several program models designed to bring education services to your students, to train your teachers, and to encourage students and families to walk and bike to school. We will work with you to customize a program model that works for your school or district.

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How to apply
Educators may apply online to receive services and financial assistance. All services and financial assistance are available and awarded through this application process.
• Click here to complete the Walk+Bike Application Form.

Financial assistance
We provide as much financial assistance as possible by sharing resources and seeking ongoing funding to supplement the cost of the program. However, the BTA does not have the resources to fully subsidize every program. You are the best fundraiser for your program. Join Oregon’s Walk+Bike Network to receive information about reduced cost trainings, funding sources, and support from folks that are working for common goals across the state.

December 31, 2011 for spring services
May 31, 2012 for fall services

If you have any questions, contact LeeAnne Fergason, Education Programs Manager.


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