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Portland NE/SE 50s Bikeway

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The NE/SE 50s Bikeway, first identified in the City of Portland’s 1996 Bicycle Master Plan and officially adopted in the city’s 2030 plan, is 4.5 mile north-south bike route spanning from NE Thompson and 57th to SE Woodstock and 52nd.

The proposed design includes innovative traffic calming features that will reduce speed and promote safety for people biking and walking. The route is designed to be safe and enjoyable for both new and experienced riders.

Residents along the route overwhelmingly supported the project during the robust public outreach process, with all eight impacted neighborhood associations giving official support before the City Council hearing. Some neighbors expressed concerns about proposed traffic diverters between Burnside at 53rd and Division at 52nd, features that were included to alleviate congestion on a narrow stretch of the bikeway.

The BTA coordinated targeted advocacy and neighborhood outreach to build support for the project, including the innovative new test features. We urge residents to express support for this important project by testifying in person at the NE/SE 50s Bikeway hearing at City Council in September. After hearing broad support of the bikeway in testimony from residents, City Council unanimously voted to approve the project as recommended by Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT). PBOT will implement a six-month pilot to evaluate the impact on safety and to monitor vehicle traffic on adjacent streets.

Read the letter we shared on our blog to see how one SE Portland resident described his support for the NE/SE 50s Bikeway.

Our staff works hard to bring great bikeway projects to more neighborhoods, but we can’t do all the work we’ve set out in our strategic plan alone. We need to build a larger membership and volunteer base to increase and expand the effectiveness of our advocacy team.

If you are interested in getting involved on bike projects in your neighborhood, give Carl Larson a ring at (503) 226-0676 x16 or email him at

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