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The BTA is at work across Oregon, in classrooms, on the streets, and advocating for a safe, accessible mix of transportation in our state.

Walk+Bike Training for Teachers


The BTA will help your school or district develop and launch your own customized, sustainable Walk+Bike program.Walk+Bike Jump Start Program
Cost: Free – this program is grant-funded for one district.

The BTA will train your teachers on bike and pedestrian education at the beginning of the school year. We will also provide a fleet of bikes (33), helmets, tools, a trailer, and support for the school year. We will help the district set up a bike fleet moving schedule to promote efficient and effective use of the fleet. After the school year, we will evaluate the program with the district. We may be able to help the district apply for funding for a bike fleet.

Bicycle Education Training for Teachers
Cost: $1,000-$2,500

This training focuses on the concepts of the BTA’s award winning Safe Routes for Kids curriculum for educators. The curriculum consists of 10-lessons detailing the basics of bicycle safety, utilizing in-class and on-bike lessons and including on-street practice. We recommend that training be followed by a field observation. This training can be offered as a CEU or as a graduate level class upon request (See Bike Education Instruction.

If you are already trained you can rent a bike fleet from the BTA: approximate cost $350-$1000*.

Pedestrian Education Training for Teachers
Cost: $825-$1,500 *

This training focuses on the concepts of the BTA’s Pedestrian Safety curriculum for educators. This fee covers all communication, scheduling, administrative costs, and a 12’ x 14’ simulated road.  We recommend that training be followed by field observation (See Pedestrian Education Instruction).

*All costs are approximate and vary based on number of staff hours, travel, equipment rental (if applicable),  bike fleet maintenance, etc.

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