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The BTA is at work across Oregon, in classrooms, on the streets, and advocating for a safe, accessible mix of transportation in our state.

Walk+Bike Student Education Program


Our instructors come to your school to teach the Safe Routes for Kids curriculum. We provide bikes, helmets, and all program supplies.Bike Education Instruction
Cost: $1,500- $5,000*

A BTA instructor will teach the 10-lesson Safe Routes for Kids curriculum to one class of students. May be taught in one-hour lessons over the course of 10 consecutive school days or two-hour lessons over the course of 5 consecutive days. Program includes in-class and on-the-bike instruction, a fleet of bikes and helmets, parent release forms, pre- and post-tests to evaluate progress, and a graduation ride.

Required of school:

  • Must have room to store 33 bikes for the duration of the program, at least 12’ x 12’.
  • Must be in close proximity to a paved area for drills.

Pedestrian Education Instruction
Cost: $300-$900*

A BTA instructor will teach the 1.5-hour curriculum to one class of students, generally taught in two, 45-minute lessons over the course of two consecutive school days or in one, 1.5-hour lesson in one day. Program includes both in-class and on-the-street instruction.

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