First-Step Victory on the 70s – Thank You!

At this morning’s TPAC (Metro’s Transportation Policy Alternatives Committee), the BTA’s Scott Bricker offered a motion to get $1.8 million for the 70s bike boulevard project. That motion passed 10-3! An essential component of this effort is you; your calls and emails to Commissioner Adams are essential to help build support by the City of Portland to make this project a priority. Thanks everyone who contacted him!

While the complete 70s project proposal (7.8 miles covering most of the city) will cost more than $1.8 million, the funding, if eventually approved by Metro, will allow a large part of the project to move forward.

The decision now goes to another committee, JPACT (the Joint Policy Advisory Committee), and from there to public comment and the Metro Council. The first step of the battle has been won, though, and we will keep you updated on opportunities to continue to support this essential project.
Thank you all for helping out!


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  1. Jessica Roberts Permalink  | Sep 29, 2006 02:36pm

    Hooray! That’s wonderful! I don’t want us to choose between two worthy bicycle boulevard projects; I want BOTH of them. As I told Sam in my phone call yesterday, both of these outstanding projects drastically improve safety for cyclists and residents, dramatically increase the number of people cycling in our city, and enhance neighborhood livability and beauty at the same time.

    No matter how you slice it, these two boulevard projects are clear priorities for our city and region. I’m thrilled that we’ve succeeded in moving both of these projects forward and I look forward to helping get them through final funding.