Michelle Poyourow recognized as Honorary Portland Police Officer

On behalf of the Portland Police Bureau, Officer Pickett stopped by the BTA this afternoon to award Poyourow an Honorary Portland Police Officer badge and recognize her collaborative approach and many contributions to bicycle-related traffic and safety issues.

During the past two years Michelle worked with other BTA staff and the Police Bureau on a number of safety and enforcement issues:

• Targeting enforcement actions at dangerous intersections and towards dangerous behaviors;
• Increasing education and enforcement around bike light requirements;
• Developing the Share the Road Safety Class, a diversion-type class that could turn a $242 citation into a $30 fee and two hours of education;
• Helping the police and community members work to make big bike rides successful.

The certificate says:

Whereas, her patient relationship-building; respectful, collaborative problem-solving; and willingness to share her extensive, expert advice on bicycle-related traffic and safety issues have helped the Police Bureau provide better service,

Whereas, her work has also helped to increase the comfort and safety of the citizens of Portland,

Whereas, such thoughtful cooperation epitomizes the spirit of community policing,

We are happy to appoint Ms. Poyourow Honorary Portland Police Officer.


Roseanne M Sizer, Chief of Police
Lt. Bryan Parman, Traffic Division


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  2. Lillian Permalink  | Feb 12, 2010 11:19am

    This rocks Michelle! How cool!

  3. Jim Labbe Permalink  | Feb 17, 2010 06:24am

    Wowzers. Congrats.

    Does the newly deputized Officer Poyourow have any special powers to make citizen arrests? This could come in handy.

  4. Storage Marple Permalink  | Aug 10, 2010 07:36pm

    Certainly got us thinking here are work, expect a few replies later.