Take Action to Protect Vancouver’s Bike Program

The City of Vancouver is proposing to eliminate funding for projects in its Bike Program in 2011.  Budget cuts on this scale would be a major setback to bicycling in Vancouver, where the Bike Program is making good progress and funding great projects:

·         Installing over 70 bike racks and 10 bike lockers

·         Building its first on-street bike corral in March 2010

·         Painting over 30 miles of bike lanes

·         Distribution of over 20,000 bike maps

The current proposal eliminates funding for the City’s Pedestrian, Americans with Disabilities Act Improvements, and Traffic Safety programs.

We have a plan for reinstating funding, and we need your help to win the day.

According to the city’s draft Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), there is $200,000 in “presently uncommitted revenue” that could be used to re-instate funding for the Bike Program. (See page 28.) We need to ask for that $200,000 to be spent on bike improvement projects.

Here is our plan:

First, speak out at the City Council’s TIP workshop on Monday, June 7 at 7:00 pm in City Council Chambers, 210 East 13th Street, 1st floor. Visit this website for guidelines on citizen communications to Council. Prepare your comments in writing and bring 10 copies so you can turn them in for the written record.

Second, contact your City Council members with a personal phone call, handwritten letter, or email asking them to dedicate that $200,000 in presently uncommitted revenue to the Bike Program.

Third, attend the hearing on June 21st when City Council will adopt the final TIP. If we speak up now and keep the pressure on during the month of June, we could see reinstatement of funding

Finally, share this message with your friends and family! We can’t do it alone. Please encourage others to ask for $200,000 in funding for the City of Vancouver’s Bike Program.

Thank you for taking action!


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