Portland’s Newest Bike Box Installed at NE Grand & Couch

This morning, BTA staff Rob Sadowsky and Gerik Kransky met with PBOT staff Chis Armes and Greg Raisman on site at NE Grand and Couch to discuss safety issues for bicyclists and to observe traffic movements and the installation of Portland’s newest bike box.

This intersection is the scene of a recent right hook crash and an ongoing concern here at the BTA.

As a recent PSU study shows, bike boxes make intersections safer for cyclists, and decrease the risk of right hook crashes. We are pleased to see the city move forward with their plans on the first day without rain since the recent crash. The new box will help facilitate safe westbound movement through the area, especially for cyclists making the connection from SE Ankeny to the Burnside Bridge.

We discussed other ways to improve bicycle access to and through the Burnside/Couch couplet and encourage riders from age 8-80 to feel safe and comfortable biking through the area. The next step is to update wayfinding signage so that bicyclists riding on SE Ankeny know to turn at SE 6th, where they will be able to access the bike bike box.

Options for future treatments may include: installation of sharrows on NE Couch from 6th to 12th, installation of sharrows on 6th from Ankeny to Couch, left turn lanes from NE 6th to Couch, improvements at the intersection of Ankeny and Sandy, and the potential creation of bike boulevard on NE Davis.

Each intersection and potential treatment stands to improve the quality of the expeirence for all types of cyclists. We look forward to working with the city to ensure that the corridor, and each intersection and road section, function properly for a wide array of users.


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  1. r. willis Permalink  | Sep 22, 2010 04:19pm

    the PSU study is inconclusive and it transparently attempts to substantiate preconceived results.
    more to the point, the right hook at couch and grand occurred during the green signal phase. not only would a bike box not have avoided this, the box reinforces the far to right message of the striped bike lane, which is in fact the cause of the collision.
    i am very disappointed to see BTA getting behind this.