2011 Bike Commute Challenge: Time to Throw Down!

September is just around the corner, and we’re thrilled to announce that registration is now open for the 2011 BTA’s Bike Commute Challenge, the free and fun month-long competition to see who can bike to work the most.

There are several new features on this year’s website, and we hope that you and your team take full advantage of them to make this the most exciting Bike Commute Challenge to date.

It’s also time to start encouraging friends and coworkers to get that old bike out of the basement and ready to ride. If you know someone interested in trying bike commuting but who has questions or concerns, invite them to a bike commute workshop.

We’ll cover laws, skills, basic gear and maintenance for safely and comfortably commuting by bike. Have several coworkers interested in the information? We’ll bring the workshop to you. Contact stephanie@bta4bikes.org

Log on to bikecommutechallenge.com today! Update your individual profile, invite your coworkers to join, check out what’s new this year, and starting get your team pumped up for September!


Comments (7)

  1. Dan Permalink  | Aug 17, 2011 02:58pm

    On the BCC website today: “24175 Riders” (!?)

  2. minnesnowtan Permalink  | Aug 18, 2011 07:07am

    The real challenge isn’t just riding a bike to work, it could well be having one to ride home with. Anyone can ride from point a to b, but what about secure parking for the bike?

    Anyone who values their time learns to combine trips. So if you need to buy some things at Safeway and others at Trader Joes, how do you secure you bike and your purchases?

    Shopping centers need to take a few parking spots, have them surrounded by a secure fence and protected by a guard who allows the bikes in and out. And they must be large enough to have larger bikes like the Kona Ute and Surly Big Dummy, and kids trailers.

    This kind of infrastructure is more important than bike lanes if your goal is to get people to use bicycles.

  3. Joanne Austin Permalink  | Aug 23, 2011 04:38pm

    I often combine errand trips often on my way home. I just secure my bike as usual on any nearby bike racks (double-lock with U- and cable), use my panniers to store goods purchased, and haul them from place to place. Inconvenient and a little heavy at times, but gets the job done. But perhaps you are talking about more shopping than can fit into two large panniers…

  4. Martha Perez Permalink  | Aug 24, 2011 01:08pm

    I live less than a mile from my office, and walk to work on a daily basis. I have a bike, but can’t justify riding it such a short distance. If I walked in September, but wanted to participate in the Bike Challenge, would I have the option to convert miles walked, into bike points somehow? I live in downtown Portland, where there is a heavy pedestrian emphasis for workers who live in this area of town. Please advise, thank you and good luck with the Challenge. I hope folks break the current record for biking.

  5. Anna Permalink  | Aug 25, 2011 12:53pm

    I am looking forward to actually logging my commute, this is my first time however. Is there someplace online where I can log my rides for the Challenge?

  6. Stephanie Permalink  | Aug 27, 2011 09:44pm

    Just register at http://www.bikecommutechallenge.com, and you’ll have a personal trip log page that lets you watch your miles, calories burned, and CO2 saved
    stack up all month!

  7. Dan Permalink  | Aug 30, 2011 10:18pm

    I have a nice Kryptonite Evolution Mini and 7′ cable, but usually don’t haul it around with me, preferring to keep my bike with me: