Bike Safety Education Series: Lesson 5 – Right Turn/Left Turn Practice

This is the fifth lesson in our Safe Routes for Kids Curriculum Series.

Lesson 5 – Intersection Practice

Timing: 20 minutes in class, 35 – 40 minutes on bikes

Techniques: Use think, pair, share for the most in-class involvement; Use the team oath for outside classroom management (see Lesson 3).

Before class: Set up drill.


  1. Review Lesson 4.
  2. Review Team Oath (see Lesson 3).
  3. Go outside. Pass out bikes, do Bike Safety Check and Personal Safety Check (see Lesson 3).
  4. Conduct drills on playground: right turn and left turn drill on the playground and either a short ride around the school or a slow race.


  • Divide the class into 2 lines. Have one group line up at position 3 in one lane and the other group line up in position 3 in the other lane.
  • Have the first student in each line go through the drill making a right turn. As soon as the first student has completed the turn it is the next student’s turn (if you need more practice from Lesson 4).
  • Then have students go through making a left turn.
  • Lastly students can choose which way they want to turn.


  • Minimum: you at one end of the “street” and the classroom teacher at the other.
  • Additional adults can allow you and the classroom teacher to be turning coaches while they watch for lane position at the stop lines.


  • If at all possible, use existing lines painted on the playground. Some playgrounds have lanes for running.
  • Don’t make the lanes too narrow. Try to make the dimensions as close to that of a real street as possible.
  • To encourage proper lane positioning insist that students turn the direction indicated by their lane position (“In position three?  You’re turning right. I know you want to turn left but you’re in the wrong position. Next time!”)
  • Unless you’re running late and risk denying students a turn, don’t hesitate to ask kids to come back and try a turn for a second time if they’re having trouble.

This is a brief overview of one lesson in the Safe Routes for Kids Curriculum as taught by BTA educators at schools in Portland Public, David Douglas, and Parkrose School Districts.

This curriculum is also used to teach 4th-7th graders across the state by partners in Eugene, Ashland, Albany, Corvallis, Klamath Falls and Bend!



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