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ACTION ALERT: Bike-Friendly Milwaukie

Tell Milwaukie City Council
“My family wants safer streets.”


Send an email or attend the
Milwaukie City Council Meeting
Tuesday, October 15th, 7pm
Milwaukie City Hall,
10722 SE Main Street
Milwaukie, OR 97222

Those who live or work in Milwaukie have an important opportunity next Tuesday. Milwaukie city council is voting to adopt a Transportation System Plan, a document aimed to make Milwaukie’s roads safer and more convenient for everyone.

City Council needs your support in adopting this plan.

Believe it or not, there are some people in Milwaukie who think their neighbors don’t want safer streets. They don’t believe their fellow Milwaukiens want to live in a place where they can visit their neighbors without needing to pile into a car and where their kids can improve their health by taking an active trip to school. Milwaukie City Council needs to hear about your demands for streamlined streets where you can walk and ride without the fear of being run over. They need to hear that you believe safe streets are a cost-effective, basic service that a city should provide to all of its residents.


Photo by Amy Selleck/Flickr

Milwaukie City Council Meeting
Tuesday, October 15th, 7pm
Milwaukie City Hall, 10722 SE Main Street, Milwaukie

To testify, show up at 6:45 pm, fill out a comment card, and give it to the City Recorder.

If you cannot testify on Tuesday, please send a SHORT email to Milwaukie City Council explaining how you or your family’s transportation habits would be different if Milwaukie’s streets were safer and that you encourage them to adopt the updated Transportation System Plan on October 15th.

If the button and link don’t work above, here are the email addresses for Milwaukie’s City Council:


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