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Barbur Boulevard

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Barbur Boulevard, home to fast-moving motor vehicle traffic, has many characteristics of a great route for bicycle traffic: a direct route to important destinations, a gentle grade, and a wide right-of-way. Barbur has also been the focus of energy and frustration by residents, institutions, and businesses who have been clamoring for a safe route to and through the SW Portland metropolitan region for years. Repurposing underused motor vehicle lanes at the northern end of Barbur will allow for safe, protected bike lanes. The commerce and freeway-oriented southern end, stretching five miles into Tigard, will require a combination of buffered and physically separated bicycle lanes and bicycle-specific signals.

We are currently focused on securing safe, separate space for people walking and biking across the two narrow “Barbur Bridges.” At present, the bridges have no bike lanes or legal sidewalks.

STATUS In December 2014, ODOT released a traffic study showing that there was no traffic diversion and minimal travel time impact associated with closing one northbound lane on SW Barbur. Reallocating space gained from eliminating a lane could make room for bike lanes and legal sidewalks while reducing speeding. Despite these findings, ODOT has shown no intention to make changes to Barbur outside of the regional Southwest Corridor Plan. Construction of SW Corridor Plan projects will not begin until 2021 at the earliest.






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