Bike More Challenge Awards Party

BCC Awards PartyEarly June
Celebrate your miles with us and see which team outrode the competition at our Bike More Challenge Awards Party. We’ll have pizza, beer and door prizes to celebrate your commitment to commuting!

Member Meeting

Member MeetingAugust
This is a special time of year when we recognize the contributions of all our amazing volunteers and advocates who help further the BTA’s mission of making bicycling safer and more accessible in the Portland-Metro area. Our Member Meeting is a great opportunity to mingle with other members and volunteers and learn more about the latest projects the BTA is working on.

Alice Awards

Alice AwardsLate September
2015 marks the 25th anniversary for the Bicycle Transportation Alliance. From humble beginnings grew a passionate organization dedicated to fostering healthy, sustainable communities. The 25th Anniversary Celebration honored our heroes – past, present and future. 2015 Alice Award winners were celebrated for their work in getting our community where we are now, and how they will drive us forward for the next 25 years and beyond. Alice Awards were presented in the following categories at the event:

  • Future Builder: This year’s Awards are a celebration of our first 25 years- and how our work today will impact the next 25 years. This category might be for folks who are placing the building blocks today that will stand as benchmarks for the future. Perhaps it is someone who is working hard on a new trail or project. Maybe it’s a teacher or champion of a key campaign.
  • Hall of Famer: Someone who has consistently been there for the past decade or more doing the grinding work that may not be easily recognizable in a given year. Someone like a core volunteer who shows up every week to community rides with kids. Maybe it’s a person who has served on a Bicycle Advisory Committee for fifteen years. They are steady leaders over time.
  • The Innovator: The Portland area is known for innovation. Other cities and their citizens/business take the lead from us on many areas including transportation planning, business development and creativity. Who out there is a great innovator on bicycling in the Portland region who deserves recognition?
  • Emerging Leader: Given to a young adult under 25 who shows the inspiration young people can have in our communities.
  • Bud Clark: Given to a community member who has sustained long-term support for the BTA’s work.

Bike Raffle Party

Bike Raffle PartyEarly October
Throughout the month of September the BTA sells raffle tickets to win a brand new bike, worth over $7000. This year, we’re raffling off a X. We will draw the winning ticket at the party. You must be an Oregon resident to participate, but you do not need to be present to win. However, all are welcome to party with us and have the chance to win a one of several door prizes!

Raffle tickets go on sale September 1st.


Bike More Challenge

Bike Commute ChallengeMay
In 2016 we gave the Challenge a new name and moved it to May! We challenge everyone across Oregon to get out of their cars and on their bikes to see who can #bikemore. We run a month-long friendly competition between teams to see who can get the greatest percentage of teammates to log the most miles on their bike. At the end we tally the results, give out awards in different categories, and celebrate everyone’s hard work and commitment for that month.

In early June, the BTA announces the winning teams in each category at a big After Party.

For more info, please click here.

Walk + Bike Challenge

The national percentage of kids biking or walking to school has declined since the 1970s, but in Portland, that number has risen from 28% in 2006 to 42% in 2012. The Walk + Bike Challenge is a friendly competition aimed at encouraging families to walk and bike.

During the Challenge, school coordinators track the number of students biking, walking, and skating to school throughout the month. At the end of the Challenge, prizes go to the schools that log the most biking trips, the most walking trips, the largest total number of students walking and biking, and the highest percentage of students walking and biking. The BTA will also hold weekly drawings for schools to win gift certificates and even more great prizes.

The Challenge is hosted by the BTA with support from the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and the City of Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT), among others.

International Walk+Bike to School Day is a free event held on the first Wednesday of October each year.

For more info on Walk+Bike, please click here.

Sign up for the Safe Routes to School Network to receive updates on all things Safe Routes to School and Walk+Bike.


Commute Clinics

If you are interested in using a bicycle as a means of getting around, these clinics are designed to answer any questions you might have. Their goal is to boost individuals’ confidence, safety, and enjoyment in bike commuting by addressing legal and practical questions. Commute Clinics are usually held at workplaces and can be scheduled by submitting a clinic request.

For more info, please click here.


Legal Clinics

ClinicFor over a decade, bicycle lawyer Ray Thomas has been sharing his wisdom with cyclists around the state in this 60-minute workshop on bicyclists’ rights and responsibilities on the road. Legal clinics cover Oregon bicycle and pedestrian laws, insurance information, and what to do if you’re in a crash. Attendees will also receive a free copy of Thomas’ book, Pedal Power: a Legal Guide for Oregon Cyclists.

2016 Legal Clinic Schedule:


Advocacy Clinics

The Bicycle Transportation Alliance has been advocating for better, safer streets since 1990. In this free one-hour clinic, a BTA advocate will share some of the lessons we’ve learned about how to get your voice heard — how to get your community’s problems solved. Topics covered include messaging, defining success, power mapping, identifying allies, and pressure vs. persuasion.

2016 Advocacy Clinic Schedule:

Questions? Contact Elizabeth Quiroz.

Other Events

Live the Revolution

Live the RevolutionMid-Winter
For the past 5 years the BTA has partnered with Sugar Wheel Works to put on a live bike-themed story telling event, to benefit our Safe Routes to School youth bike education programs and inspire the next generation to ride. This year we featured great stories from Portland bike personalities Thomas Pikaart (American Coffee and Barista School), Megan Schubel (elementary school teacher and new mom), Laura Crawford (Bicycle Tourism Specialist) and Christ DiStefano (Communications Director for Rapha North America).

Oregon Active Transportation Summit

OATSMid-late March
The Oregon Active Transportation Summit (OATS) is an annual conference for Oregon active transportation activists, community members, and anyone who wants to get involved in advocacy at the state level. The summit includes workshops, trainings, and a lobby day when legislature is in session.

The 2015 Summit included sessions on planning and engineering tools, equity and social justice, public health and safety, recreation and economic development, design innovations, and emerging research.

For more info, please click here.

Women Bike Events

women bikeWomen Bike is the Bicycle Transportation Alliance’s program to inspire more women to incorporate a bike in their lives and utilize biking to meet their personal health, fitness, and transportation needs. In the Portland Metro region women account for only a third of bike riders. We’re here to change that.

Women Bike is open to all women, female identifying, and gender nonconforming people who enjoy biking (or think they might). We aim to decrease the barriers to riding a bike through weekly coffee meetups, monthly rides and workshops, and mentorship. Check out the calendar above for dates and locations.

The heart of the program is a Facebook group which serves as a resource, hub, and a way to connect with other women riding in your area.

Shop Beers

We love local bike shops! They tune up our bikes after long, wet winters. Their staff ride on the same bike routes and trails that we do. They don’t mind if we try on every helmet in the store before making a decision and, for BTA members, they’ll usually knock 10% off the price.

The Bicycle Transportation Alliance has teamed up with Base Camp Brewing Company and The Portland Mercury to pay tribute to these local hubs of bike community. Every month, we have “BTA Shop Beers” at a different local bike shop. Find out what’s new in your community, learn about the BTA, and have a beer with friends old and new.

Check out the calendar above for dates and locations.

Also keep an eye out on Facebook and Twitter for more information!

Commuter Stations

Commuter StationBTA Commuter Stations offer commuters and other bicyclists a convenient way to learn more about the work of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance and to join us in ensuring Oregon is the best place to ride a bike in the nation.

Throughout the year, we set up pop-up stations where we can talk to bicyclists about issues most important to them in the places they ride. At each station we will offer resources including bike maps, information on our current advocacy campaigns, information regarding Oregon rules of the road, and more. At select Commuter Stations, you can also take advantage of complimentary bicycle service provided by our bike shop partners at each location and enjoy some free snacks from our sponsors.

Check out the calendar above for commuter station dates and locations.