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Bike-Friendly Businesses: Show Your Support for Their Support

Did you know that over 120 Oregon businesses offer discounts to BTA members? Awesome, right? Simply show up at their business sporting either a) your BTA […]

Spring is in the Air with Spinlister

Spring is in the air. The weather is warmer, the trees are in bloom, your bike commute is during daylight hours (!!), and the bike lanes are starting to […]

Biking Doesn’t Have to Hurt: Pedal PT Offers Physical Therapy For Bikers!


“There’s this urban myth that pain is just a part of riding a bike,” says Kevin Schmidt, owner and founder of Pedal PT. “So many people […]

Use a saddle. It’s the law.

A violation waiting to happen.

A violation waiting to happen.   Oregon Revised Statute 814.470 “Failure to use bicycle seat” (1) A person commits the offense of failure to use a […]

Keep Left on Williams.

Keep Left on Williams.

Passing on the right ranks high on the list of “amateur moves” made by beginners on bikes. It’s distressingly common: a seasoned rider is giving parked […]

Riding in the Rain: How to Keep Yourself & Your Stuff Dry on a Wet Commute

The sunny, warm weather may have dulled your memory of months of rainy bike commutes. Alas, the rain will return, and when it does, so does […]

Biking skills- Riding in the Rain

Riding in the rain is not as bad as you might think – and here in Oregon, it doesn’t rain so often as it seems about to rain […]

Biking Through Wet Leaves

The proper procedure is: DON’T!.

How to Lock Your Bike & Prevent Bike Theft

Every 30 seconds a bicycle is stolen in the United States. That’s not a typo, that’s a problem (impacting a million bicycle owners every year). Securing […]

Don’t Get Your Bike Stolen

Portland, Oregon was recently ranked 5th in Kryptonite’s list of top 10 cities for bike theft. Here is a quick primer on how to act accordingly.

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