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The Walk + Bike Challenge is a friendly competition aimed at encouraging more kids and families to walk and bike to and from school and throughout their neighborhoods. The Challenge is hosted by the Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA) with support from the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), the Safe Routes to School National Partnership, our sponsors (Grouptrail and Chipotle), and other partners.

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Once you register your school for the Walk+Bike Challenge, be sure to order your free incentives! Incentives include: stickers, temporary tattoos, prize ribbons, and helmets. See button below. Check out the Resources page for various tips, curriculum, and for your free coordinator packet that includes: tips and resources for promoting the event, organizing parent volunteers, procuring local prizes, and how to track active transportation trips taken by students.

Track your school’s walking and biking trips by using the activity tracker below! New this year: Tracking all participants’ trips is even more important! For every child that participates in the Walk+Bike Challenge, Grouptrail will donate 10 cents to BTA’s Walk+Bike program. You can track on a weekly basis or for the whole month. The BTA will hold weekly prize drawings for schools that log trips each week to win extra incentives, gift certificates, and other great prizes. In addition, you will be automatically registered for Fire Up Your Feet as your first step to additional cash awards, more than $10,000 available, to support your school’s walking, bicycling and other physical activity programs.









Thank you in part to our partners and sponsors:

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Oregon’s Walk + Bike program is coordinated by the Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA) and partners with Safe Routes to School programs to encourage children, youth, and families to use safe, active transportation to get to and from school and around their communities throughout the year.

Two statewide Walk + Bike events take place each year.

May: Walk + Bike to School Challenge Month

This free statewide event is a friendly competition that encourages students to walk and bike to school for the whole month of May. During the Challenge, school coordinators track the number of students biking, walking, and skating to school throughout the month. At the end of the Challenge, prizes go to the schools that log the most biking trips, the most walking trips, largest total number of students walking and biking, and highest percentage of students (out of the total school population) walking and biking.

Nationwide the rate of kids biking or walking to school has been on the decline since the 1970s while the risks to kids’ physical health and well-being associated with inactivity have risen. But in Portland, the percentage of kids biking or walking to school has risen from 28% in 2006 to 41% in 2013.

October: Walk + Bike to School Day

This free international event is held on the first Wednesday of October each year. Register your school to receive information and incentives on how to participate in this fun and visible event. Many more events, activities, trainings, and development opportunities also occur.

Check back for Walk+Bike to School Day registration information. Sign up for the Safe Routes to School Network to receive updates on all things Safe Routes to School and Walk+Bike.


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